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How to Choose a Quality Chinese Language School in China

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Learning Chinese is one of the most valuable educational experiences you will ever have, and it will not only make your life fuller and richer, but it will also help line your pockets as well. People who are bilingual in one of the Chinese dialects and English stand to make a lot more than someone who speaks just English alone. Although there are several ways to learn Chinese, going to Chinese language school in China is proving to be one of the easiest and most effective ways.

Perhaps the hardest part of doing this is actually finding a quality Chinese language school in China that you can trust with your time, your money, and your safety. There are a few factors you should be aware of before you hand your money over to any Chinese language school in China.

Although every school says that it is “the best”, the people who will really able to verify that are past students. Do not pay to go to a school that refuses to put you in touch with past students. By talking to people who have taken the same course at the same school as you have, you will certainly learn a lot.

Remember that you will be arriving in a country where you don’t speak the language, and simple acts like finding housing or food can be difficult. The more help you are given upfront, the easier your learning experience will be, so make sure you are given assistance with all of these needs from the time you get off the plane.

Getting into China is not always easy, especially if you plan on staying for an extended period. You will need assistance obtaining a visa and the proper papers to go to school and a good educational institution will be able to assist you with that.