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Flight Training Courses at the CFI Academy

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

Choosing a flight school is a very personal decision. You will be investing a great deal of time and money throughout your flight training experience. The flight school that you choose will obviously play an important role in the type of pilot that you become.

CFI Academy is a flight instructor training institute which specializes in the training for the initial issue flight instructor certificate applicants (CFI), and flight instructor instrument airplane (CFII) and multi-engine instructor ratings (MEI). At CFI Academy, flight instructor certificates and ratings’ training is all that we do. We believe that by keeping ourselves focused and involved in the CFI courses exclusively, we do a much better job with preparing our applicants for the FAA practical test (checkride), and have our entire infrastructure optimized for best results.

CFI Academy exclusively trains future teachers of aviation – FAA Certified Flight Instructors. The courses offered are:

– Flight Instructor initial certification course (CFI ASE and/or AME)
– Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane and Multi-Engine Instructor add on ratings (Single-Engine add on in case of initial CFI on Multi-Engine)
– Ground Instructor certification courses (BGI, AGI and IGI)
– Flight Instructor Refresher and Re-instatement Course
– Flight Review and Insurance required flight / ground training in our aircraft or customer aircraft
– Instrument Proficiency and Currency flight / ground training
– Checkride preparation courses
– Special Request Courses

You should read the training philosophy and mission statement as well to better understand the service and training quality here.

If for some reason you do not find an answer to something, or need some sort of custom course structure, you can always contact us. If we can not provide you with what you are looking for, maybe we can recommend someone who can.

Teaching Music To Children

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Teaching music to children is one of the most of the important things a music teacher can do. It is very easy to teach music to children because naturally children learn through hearing. Children are auditory learners beginning at birth.

When you introduce musical concepts to children, using rhythms is the easiest and fastest way to engage a student. Clap a rhythm and have the child clap it back to you. Kids (and even adults) think this is a blast, especially when the student gets a chance to make up their own rhythms to clap back to you.

Learning rhythms by playing games is not only enjoyable for the students, it strengthens their musical foundation since rhythm is one of main components of music. Once you get the students interacting and internalizing the beat, the melody quickly follows. Change the rhythm and keep the notes and the song often is not recognizable.

The place where some music teachers go wrong when teaching music to children is when rhythm has not been strengthened from the beginning. So many teachers teach notes, when really they should be teaching rhythm. Notes will come, rhythm needs to be internalized. When the students have a strong foundation in this area, they will be able to grow to the next level because they will have a base to build upon.

One method that uses this technique of teaching music to children through listening is the Suzuki Method. The Suzuki Method is based upon the idea that we begin life by hearing the sounds of our world. It is then natural to hear music and process it through listening first instead of trying to identify the black and white music note markings on a page of music.

Teaching music to children can be fun and exciting if you begin developing their ears by taking a rhythmic approach first.