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Fostering Literacy In Children

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Children need to achieve their full potential in terms of reading and language. Literacy, which is comprised of reading and language, is an essential element in communication and learning. There are four literacy skills that should be mastered by children to ensure they reach their maximum literacy and learning potential. The four literacy skills include Phonics, Vocabulary, Oral Fluency and Reading Comprehension. Phonics refers to the ability to connect written language with spoken words and sounds. Vocabulary pertains to the ability of the children to decipher meanings of written and spoken words. Oral fluency is the ability to communicate without difficulties. Lastly, reading comprehension refers to the capacity of the children to understand what they are reading.

These literacy skills pave the way for learning and communication. However, not all children are eager to read and learn. There are those with learning difficulties. Just the same, they need to perfect these literacy skills. When learning difficulties are identified, parents and teachers must extend special teaching programs and strategies to help special children reach their full literacy potential.

Children learn what they see. If they see all the other members of the family reading, they will learn to love reading as well. The greatest teacher is example. You can’t tell your child to read when he sees you are not reading yourself. Setting an example in reading will make your child value reading. Set aside some time for reading. You can either read with your child or ask the other family members to read with you and the child. Find a book that is appealing. This makes reading interesting and at the same time, it allows interaction. Reading interaction modifies language and communication learning. It develops the interest in the child to ask when he doesn’t understand something.

There are several ways to foster love for reading and language among children. Parents and teachers just need a bit of creativity and load of patience. Don’t settle for less when it comes to literacy. Your child needs maximum literacy learning to cope up with the challenges of education and communication. Don’t underestimate what literacy can do to your child. It paves the way to reaching full potential.