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The Stages of Play in Early Childhood

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Play is crucial for children at the early stage to improve their mind, brain and intelligence. It is also essential for their needs of eating and sleeping. With the proper play activity, your infant will grow appropriately. Children will build their muscle when they are running, rolling, jumping, catching, swinging, or throwing. Those physical activities may boost the endurance, balance and strength. Once they burn energy, they will get tired and hungry, so it will help you to make them eat the meal and get to sleep better.

Activities really help your little one to understand the phrase of stop or go. If you take them go to the beach and play sand along with pot, you may teach them about full and empty. So, they can use the information for the daily routine and may develop the ability of understanding something. Once your children understand the information you give, they will pay more attention to the job they need to do. Play may assist them to deal with a problem and try to solve it. Then, they will know what is right or wrong, what they allow to do and not.

If you let your kids play with other, they will learn to share and be patient of waiting for their turn. It is also helping them to speak up about their feeling and to talk what they want nicely. A group activity will train them to be a leader and how to be a follower. By interacting with other, child may understand themselves and others’ feeling. The benefit of play in early childhood is they will grow in four ways, emotionally, mentally, physically and socially. You need to know that all children are not same. Each kid has their own characteristic and ability. You may notice that younger children will be not as active as the older one. They will grow and improve the skill based on the age.

However, the crucial thing you need to keep in mind is kids are different. They will have the dissimilar ability of something and differ than other. They may not have the same way at the same speed, for example, there are some babies who need long time for crawl, but other stand and walk just without experience the phase of crawling. For your information, even twins baby grow in the dissimilar way. Once you understand the individual dissimilarity of growing, you will be aware of human development principle.