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Flight Training Courses at the CFI Academy

November 20th, 2014 10:43 pm

Choosing a flight school is a very personal decision. You will be investing a great deal of time and money throughout your flight training experience. The flight school that you choose will obviously play an important role in the type of pilot that you become.

CFI Academy is a flight instructor training institute which specializes in the training for the initial issue flight instructor certificate applicants (CFI), and flight instructor instrument airplane (CFII) and multi-engine instructor ratings (MEI). At CFI Academy, flight instructor certificates and ratings’ training is all that we do. We believe that by keeping ourselves focused and involved in the CFI courses exclusively, we do a much better job with preparing our applicants for the FAA practical test (checkride), and have our entire infrastructure optimized for best results.

CFI Academy exclusively trains future teachers of aviation – FAA Certified Flight Instructors. The courses offered are:

– Flight Instructor initial certification course (CFI ASE and/or AME)
– Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane and Multi-Engine Instructor add on ratings (Single-Engine add on in case of initial CFI on Multi-Engine)
– Ground Instructor certification courses (BGI, AGI and IGI)
– Flight Instructor Refresher and Re-instatement Course
– Flight Review and Insurance required flight / ground training in our aircraft or customer aircraft
– Instrument Proficiency and Currency flight / ground training
– Checkride preparation courses
– Special Request Courses

You should read the training philosophy and mission statement as well to better understand the service and training quality here.

If for some reason you do not find an answer to something, or need some sort of custom course structure, you can always contact us. If we can not provide you with what you are looking for, maybe we can recommend someone who can.

Home Schooling – Advantages and Disadvantages

June 27th, 2013 12:48 am

Home schooling has been growing popular nowadays. Many parents found it as the perfect answer to educating their children. They are able to focus on their child’s education and provide support for them. However, many parents are still trying to determine if home schooling is right for their child. In order to make this decision it is important that the advantages and disadvantages of home schooling be taken into consideration, along with some other important issues.

The following are the advantages to be considered:

• If your child is physically incapable of going outside due to complicated diseases or is handicapped, having home education would be convenient both for the child and the parent.

• Home education is associated with close-knit family relationship as the child only interacts with the other family members.

• The child is also expected to be well-behaved if educated at home as he is not exposed to various immoralities that may come to influence him/her in a real school.

• Some parents believe that school is not a safe place for their child. Some also believe that the school is not educationally competent; a lot of concepts are not completely taught in there. In home education, they are secured with the kind of education provided to their child and they can be able to guide their child the whole time.

• In home learning, the parents could also control the curriculum of the education provided to their child. They can concentrate their child’s learning on a specific topic if they want to.
• Expenses are cut-off in home education. Children don’t need to spend on transportation fees, expensive projects and unnecessary school supplies.
On the other hand, the following are the disadvantages:
• The home educated child would not develop social skills as he is not exposed to other types of people.
• Freedom is abstained from the child; the child would not enjoy his life as a child. There are many other things that cannot be learned in an educational setting and these are only learned through experience.
• Some people do not believe on home education’s academic quality as it does not follow the standard curriculum.
• In some college universities, they require additional tests for home educated children. This is to ensure that the child is academically ready for college.
• Those that are educated at home for a long time and have decided to go to school are found to be lacking in social skills.
• Home educated individuals commonly experience psychological problems when exposed to the social environment as in entering a college/university or working on a job.

Hopefully this discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of home schooling has given you the insight you need to make an informed decision. As discussed above, the decision to home school is one of the most significant decisions you will make during your child’s life